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Its been awhile since we’ve written and a lot has happened over the winter.  We’ve been busy working behind the scenes attending the Devils Lake Water Improvement District meetings and following the City of Lincoln City.  The District has been busy on several projects that will impact you.  It’s time to bring you up to speed, with the top stories of interest.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

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DLWID Board Sets New Direction

ChangeAheadThe Devils Lake Water Improvement District vote 3-2 Thursday, March 10th to take the District in a new direction by terminating their contract with Lake Manager Paul Robertson.

Members of the Board said the dismissal was a tough decision. Kent Norris board chair stated that the District needed a new manager to promote and manage the projects recently approved which are designed to clean up Devils Lake.

Additionally, the Board passed a resolution temporally placing the reigns of the District in the board chairs hands. Since then, Tina French and Kent Norris have been handling the agency’s business affairs. Perhaps this most pressing near term task will be the creation of the 2016-2017 budget due by June 1st.

Additional steps include working with Dr Horne on the recently approved contract moving forward with the first steps of the aeration project aimed at eliminating toxic algae blooms that threaten the lake’s recreation and health.

The vote to dismiss the lake manager came after an executive meeting was held the day before where directors met with Robertson to review his job performance and discuss renewing his contract. Robertson stated that he was aware of what awaited him prior to the March board meeting.

Robertson, was hired as lake manager in 2005. During his tenure, there have been many debates over placement of SolarBees, lake levels, replacement of grass carp, recently peaking in the plan to remove the summer impoundment structure.

A workshop was held Monday, March 14, to talk about hiring a new manager; about 25 people attended. Bill Anderson of the Special Districts Association of Oregon described the public hiring process and explained that as members of the SDA the DLIWD board is welcome to his organization’s assistance.

Citizens who attended the meeting participated in the process of identifying the qualities and skills they want in a manager. They also suggested where it could be appropriate to contract for some tasks including accounting, annual placement of the dam and lakeside kiosks, board recording and minutes, website maintenance and more.

The Newport NewsTimes reported one attendees comments, “Everybody was very respectful ,” said Ross Smith, Jr., a resident who expected “fireworks” to erupt over Robertson’s dismissal. “They all seemed focused on moving forward. At the end, everybody applauded.”

In conclusion, it appears that the Board is organized and prepared to keep the business of the District moving forward. They appear to to have a strong desire to keep the public involved in the process and have assured us that good things are in store for Devils Lake.

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Fireworks Display Fundraising Begins

San_Diego_FireworksAnnouncing the Third Annual Devils Lake Neighborhood Association Fireworks display.

Fireworks Display
Date: Sunday July 3rd
Time: 9:30 PM

The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association is proud to announce the Third Annual DLNA fireworks display. The Association is working with Western Fireworks who will come to Devils Lake just prior to the Fort Vancouver fireworks display on the 4th.  Our show will kick off the holiday weekend and be held on Sunday July 3rd beginning at 9:30pm last 20-30 minutes and include some very special displays.

This spectacular show will be launched off a barge centrally located on the lake near Brown Bear Park, and will be clearly visible from D River Wayside, Regatta Park and Sand Point Park.

We are gathering donations for this spectacular fireworks show and are looking for Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors. (Gold $1,000, Silver $500, Bronze $250)  Please contact Max Hanson at maxh@siskiyouins.net with your interest in donating at the sponsor level, or follow this donation link or the button in the sidebar to contribute any other amount for this wonderful show.

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Good Old Fashion Barn Raising

We’re Looking For A Few Volunteers


If you have been following the lake you may be aware that the Lincoln City Cultural Center and the City Parks Department have been working toward the construction of the Regatta Grounds Stage, which will be a new venue for outdoor performances at Lincoln City’s Regatta Grounds Park.

To date a concrete base has been laid for the Regatta Grounds Stage, the concrete work was done by Ray Clarke, who has donated much of the labor, materials, tint and decorative surface work for the project. Engineering design work was contributed by E. Cole Olsen. The lumber has been ordered and paid for, and Jim Whisler, from Whisler Construction, has volunteered to handle the final construction, weather and schedule permitting.

The success of this project is tied to the spirit of volunteerism that exists in our community. The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association would like to join the team that takes this project to completion. We are putting out the call to neighbors who may want to help with this great project this spring. If you have construction skills, can swing a hammer or can provide general labor we need your help. If you are interested in bringing this great neighborhood resource to completion, please contact Mitchell Moore at 503-381-4818 or dlakeoregon@gmail.com.

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DLWID Solicits Committee Members


The Devils Lake Water Improvement District recently created several committees with the express goal of soliciting citizens involvement in the Districts most important functions. At DLNA we support this new direction. We are asking our neighbors to embrace the concept and participate. Please read through this article to determine where you can help. Follow the links to the application and return it to the District at board@dlwid.org. Summaries of each committee are also provided below.

Application Forms:
PDF Version:
Word Version:

Sewer Committee
7 Members (Property Owners, Electors, and At-Large positions)


  1. Reviewing legal options and requirements for extension of sewer around Devils Lake;
  2. Providing information relevant to the extension of sewer around Devils Lake to stakeholders and seeking relevant input from stakeholders;
  3. Determining the level of stakeholder support for extension of sewer around Devils Lake; and
  4. Reporting its findings to the DLWID Board of Directors.

Events & Communication Committee
7 Members (Property Owners, Electors, and At-Large positions)


  1. Providing advice in the formulation of communications and information policy, positions, and proposals;
  2. Identifying opportunities for new events, promoting events and engaging the community stakeholders to support the events around the lake;
  3. Ensure all local events are listed in the community calendars;
  4. Draft communications for consideration by the Board; and
  5. Reporting its findings to the DLWID Board of Directors.

Septic Inspection Committee
5 Members (Property owners and/or elector positions)


  1. Developing a Voluntary Septic Inspection around Devils Lake;
  2. Providing information relevant to the Voluntary Septic Inspection around Devils Lake to stakeholders and seeking relevant input from stakeholders;
  3. Determining the level of stakeholder support for Voluntary Septic Inspection around Devils Lake; and
  4. Reporting its findings to the DLWID Board of Directors.

Save our Shoreline and Water Monitoring Committee
7 Members – (Property Owners, Electors, and At-Large positions)


  1. Promoting the establishment of increased shoreline vegetation through the public’s utilization of the District’s SOS Funding Program;
  2. The collection, testing, and monitoring of lake water quality during the lake’s highest recreational use period; and
  3. Reporting its’ findings to the DLWID Board of Directors.
    Examples of duties included but not limited to:

    • Advise the Board on matters related to the granting of funds available through the Districts Save our Shoreline Program.
    • Promote, recommend, and review plans by lake property owners to improve their waterfront footprint.
    • Collect and test water samples for water quality monitoring.
    • Help host and maintain water quality signs around the lake.
    • Collect data on lake temperature and water level.

SOLV  lake cleanup, aeration, special projects, dredging, water level
5 Members (Property owners and/or elector positions)


  1. Develop or coordinate with SOLV a Voluntary Annual Lake Clean-up around Devils Lake;
  2. Providing information and communication relevant to the Aeration Project, D River Dredging and water level around Devils Lake to stakeholders and seeking relevant input from stakeholders;
  3. Voluntary committee will bring forward to the DLWID Board of Directors any Special Projects that it determines should be discussed by the DLWID Board for consideration also level of stakeholder support for the items; and reporting its findings to the DLWID Board of Directors.

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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

SOS LogoIf you have been following the lake you may be aware that one of our neighbors, and DLWID Board member has been planning an extensive waterfront revitalization project.  The project has been carefully planned and review by several State and Federal agencies.  Special care has been taken to try to make some of the concepts used in the bank stabilization project portable to other properties.  Now that the project is approved and scheduled we are putting out the call to neighbors who may want to help with this pilot project.  In doing so you can engage with others, help Kent, and learn about some important techniques that may help you on your property; best of all you’ll be helping to improve Devils Lake .Help needed includes placement of rock and plants in water and along shoreline to stabilize and re-vegetate lakeshore as well as fence out grass carp.

Waterfront revitalization project at
3279 NE East Devils Lake Rd.
October 1st & 2nd from 8 to 5
Contact Kent Norris (503) 375-2577

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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Mystery Wine Auction

Kozzi-red_wine_and_grapes-3264x4896-200x300We have had a very busy year on the lake running a successful political campaign which changed the dynamics of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District.  We also won our lawsuit against the District saving our irreplaceable water right for generations to come.  These victories came at quite a cost and we still need to raise $8,000 to cover the final legal costs. Help us balance our accounts and participate in our fun Wine Auction Extravaganza.

Visit with your Devils Lake neighbors while enjoying beer, wine and hearty hors d’oeuvre. During the evening will you will be offered a chance to bid on mystery bottles of wine plus participate in our silent auction.  Best of all you can enjoy great conversations with your friends and neighbors both old an new.

Contact Dana Moore at 971 235-5668 or justdanamoore@gmail.com to reserve your tickets. Event will be limited to 60 guests.

October 17, 2015
7p.m. Drinks and Hors d’oeuvres
8p.m. Auction Begins

2941 NE Loop Dr
Otis, OR

Tickets $75 per person (plus one bottle of wine donated per couple)

Additional Donations

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