July SOLV Project A Success!

This report was supplied by Mark Christie the Chairman of the Special Projects Committee of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID).

Our Special Project Committee hit the ground running July 4th with the 1st of what hopefully will be many SOLVE 4th of July clean ups at Devils Lake.


We had approximately 20+ volunteers (including those stationed at our 3 drop sites) combing the water in boats and kayaks looking for fireworks debris and other objects that needed to be removed from the water or shoreline.

A huge shout out to Tina French and her crew at North Lincoln Sanitary for picking up the debris we collected.

What a great group of dedicated volunteers that are stepping up and rolling up their sleeves on ALL the committees that have been formed over the last few months.

An important observation that is worth noting and a big shout out of thanks to the DLWID Board of Directors:

The water clarity is amazing and lack of any significant algae bloom to date is fantastic!

Every person that I have had contact with on the Lake over the past 30-45 days (and there have been many) have echoed the same sentiment and are ecstatic.

This has not been the case over the last 3 summers.

I believe this is directly related to impounding water to 9.53’ (instead of 9.0) and starting the impoundment period April 15th and not in June.

There is no doubt we still have much to do related to improving the health of the lake and the entire TEAM is showing their dedication to making that happen.


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