A Suggestion From A Supporter

Lawrence A. Brown Says:

April 27, 2009 at 8:05 pm

We need to get a huge lawn sign campaign going. I’m talking about all around the lake and around the city. I’ll agree to pledge up to $1000 if I can get another 9 people to match my pledge.


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3 responses to “A Suggestion From A Supporter

  1. Larry,

    I will pledge $100.00, if that helps. The fellow at the sign shop, next to the bowling alley, does signage for me. He is cheaper than most and might give us a break. I think he charges me $15.00 for a 17 X 24 inch sign on plastic foam core for around $15.00. This includes a wooden stake. He might also have a cheaper idea if he gets the entire job.

    Every lakefront owner could pay for their own signs and post them on their property. Then city signage may be a problem. We have a very restrictive sign ordinance in this town. Check with the planning department to see what can be done as it relates to political signage. We might have to march up and down Hwy 101 with signs in hand! Like the old peace marches of the sixties!

    Glad to hear you are objecting to this silly venture. $1,400,000 on a solution that may not work sounds “”out of bounds to me. I want to see the lake clean. Remember the old days? We do not want to go back to that!

    I am just not sure this is the solution. The carp seemed to be a good solution for the last twenty years or so. What is your idea instead of solar bees? I am not savy when it comes to lake health issues.


  2. Lawrence A. Brown

    I also think signs at all the boat launches would be a big help and would bring in support from lots of out of town boaters who use the lake and would be affected by this ludicrous SolarBee idea.

  3. Joseph M Horton

    Solar Bee’s track record: 95% success rate.
    What do you think the track record is for all the other ideas out there?

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