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DLWID Board To Make Presentation On SolarBees

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District meets next Thursday May 7, 2009 at 6pm. For specifics on the meeting please download the Agenda and Support items. According to the meeting material created by Paul Robinson and posted on the DLWID website:

“As we may expect some new attendees to the meeting, I intend to go through a slideshow presentation about Whole Lake Circulation. This slideshow has been and currently is available on our website on the Project Page. Additionally complete copies of all of the presentation given to the DLWID Board of Directors from SolarBee representatives (dating back to February 2007) are available online at”

Given DLWID’s intention to give a formal presentation on the SolarBees project we are encouraging you to attend and hear more about their intentions. Since SoarBees are an agenda item, it will be a great opportunity to express your opinions on the project.

For the benefit of those who cannot attend, it would be wonderful to receive a brief summary of the impressions of those who do attend this meeting.  Either by email at or as a comment on the blog. We’ll create a post for that purpose.

The DLWID Budget Committee meeting will be held on Monday, May 11th at 10am.  The 2009-2010 DLWID Budgetwas published today and is available for review from the DLWID website.  A quick review of the budget reveals proposed funding for the SolarBees project.  According to the Budget Committee meeting announcement:

“The public is encourage to attend and will be provided an opportunity to comment.”

The Water District’s offices are located at 820 SE Hwy 101 Suite D, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367, that’s upstairs from Radio Shack.

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Comments From The Lake

  1. Gil Scott Says:

    April 27, 2009 at 8:30 am Safety issue; We see a lot of tubing in our area. The small children may not have the skill level to avoid the units in case of emergency.

  2. April 28, 2009 at 9:19 am I am just not sure this is the solution. It seems extremely expensive; when no one can guarantee it will work. I want the lake to be clean, not only for the public’s use; but also to maintain property values on the lake.

    However, this sounds like a very expensive experiment to me. As lakefront owners, we pay “extra” taxes to fund the Devil’s Lake Water District. I am concerned our taxes will go up dramatically in order to pay for installation and ongoing maintenance of this endeavor.

    I would like to see other alternatives discussed publicly so we all could have a part in the decision-making process.

  1. Eve Scott Says:

    April 27, 2009 at 9:08 am I feel with all of these solabees on the lake that it will put the safety of people in jeopardy. The summer brings lots of activity and familys with young people the navigation will be uncertain and dangerous.
    I do not want to see anyone get injured.

  2. Kerry Richards Says:

    April 30, 2009 at 2:12 pm The Members of the Devils Lake Water Board need to hear from all property owners that this is an incredibly wrong decision. We got them to listen to us on the ludicrous idea of “lowering the lake level” and now we need to make sure they hear us on this issue too! The Lake that we all enjoy and love will be dangerous for any of us to fish or play on. There has got to be other alternatives!!!!


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SolarBee Nightlight

Ever wonder what these SolarBees® look like at night?  We did!  After our visit to a SolarBees® site one evening we got our answer. Thought you might be curious too, so we shot a video.  Play attached video and you’ll get to see what we observed on our field trip.

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A Suggestion From A Supporter

Lawrence A. Brown Says:

April 27, 2009 at 8:05 pm

We need to get a huge lawn sign campaign going. I’m talking about all around the lake and around the city. I’ll agree to pledge up to $1000 if I can get another 9 people to match my pledge.


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New Site Feature

map-thumbnailsSolarBee Locations

The approximate locations of each of the proposed SolarBees® are identified on our Interactive Google map. Visit the map page to check your location compared to a new SolarBee.

Just added, click on any of the SolarBees® and you will see thumbnails of images of a simulated SolarBee at that very location. Click on the thumnail and view a full size version of each simulated SolarBee.

Follow the link at the bottom of the map to open a full sized window for easier navigation.

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Board Meeting – June 5, 2008

Board Meeting  – June 5, 2008

Agenda: Native Re-Vegetation, Bacteria Signage Devils Lake Plan.
Visitors: Raylene Erickson PADL Recording Secretary, Randy Weldon
Minutes: Mentions in Devils Lake Plan discussion that our lake is not a high priority for several years
Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

Agency Contacts

He listed contacts he has sent letters to seeking input and participation.

Septic tank revitalization. Part of the plan would be to provide for a septic tank program with inspections to identify failed systems and potentially obtain support to revitalize them with a revolving, low-income DEQ grant that individuals could apply for. He stated that about 30 to 50 percent of homes on the lake still have septic tanks. Discussion continued regarding the method of obtaining permission for inspections and other issues. Septic Tank Revitalization should remain in the plan, it was determined; however, the entity under whose auspices the monitoring and  administering would be is an issue.

Total Maximum Daily Load Process.

In speaking with the DEQ, Robertson confirmed that Devils Lake is not on their immediate priority list; however, it could be in two or three years. They are currently involved in other coastal lakes. In order for the process to be easy, Robertson recommended following existing protocol. The plan would identify sources of nutrients and then create a management plan to reduce them. Model what was done previously, and then attempt to improve the process. This might include modeling software, finding septic tanks and basically analyzing the lake.

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Board Meeting – May 1, 2008

Board Meeting  – May 1, 2008

Agenda: Devils Lake Plan, Budget

Visitors : Bill Sexton, Raylene Erickson PADL Recording Secretary, Tom Moore

Budget Committee: Mitchell Moore, Doug Pirie

Minutes: Budget committee discussion a couple of brief comments on SolarBees.

Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

For excerpts from the Minutes select Continue reading

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Board Meeting – April 3, 2008

Board Meeting  – April 3, 2008


Agenda:          Native Re-Vegetation,  Cynobacteria Monitoring Program


Visitors:          Ursula Sperry from DSL, Raylene Erickson-PADL Recording Secretary,  Kerry Richards, Property Owner


Minutes:         Discussion about the Devils Lake Plan suggest that it needs to cover more than just SolarBees. A board members suggests that they would need to determine after the SolarBee installation if they had any impact on controlling vegetation.


Links:             Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes


For excerpts from the Minutes select Continue reading

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Board Meeting – March 6, 2008

Board Meeting  – March 6, 2008


Agenda:          Native Re-Vegetation


Visitors:          Doug Pirie, Don Sell, Ursula Sperry from DSL, Kevin Erickson


Minutes:         In the discussion related to Native Re-Vegetation Jack Strayer said the Board might want to consider the fact that SolarBees might not control the weeds, unless the SolarBee people can produce a study to that effect. They might be more beneficial for controlling cyanobacteria.


Links:             Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes


For excerpts from the Minutes select Continue reading

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Special Meeting – February 17, 2008

Special Meeting – February 17, 2007


Agenda:          No Agenda is available Titled Goal Setting Workshop


Visitors :         None


Minutes:         A goal setting meeting that includes items such as; Write press releases for the local newspapers that will lay the groundwork for the  public to accept the need for the District to do something about the cyanobacteria and the weed control, i.e., SolarBees. Request a SolarBees brochure from Mr. Eilers that will enable the District to “sell” the idea of their purchase and installation to the public, then all other entities who need to approve the installation.  Considerable discussion about SolarBees, minutes are a transcript and make interesting reading.


Links:             Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes


For excerpts from the Minutes select Continue reading

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