Time for that Dam Decision

Mark Your Calendar Public Hearing
April 9th, 2015 6:00pm

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District will hold a Public Hearing as part of its April 9, 2015 meeting. The meeting will start at 6pm and will be held at Lincoln City Council Chambers, 801 SW Hwy 101, 3rd Floor, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367.

fish_out_of_water“The purpose of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District public hearing will be for the board to take public input on the potential replacement of the impoundment structure otherwise known as the dam and the overall managed use and/or continuance of the District’s Water Right Certificate 69267, Permit to Appropriate the Public Waters #52672, and Permit to Store the Public Waters #R-11968.”

The Association has been informed that representatives from the District participated in a pre-application meeting to discuss the regulatory requirements of such a project.  Representative from the Department of State Lands, NOAA, DEQ, the National Forest Service, and the EPA were in attendance.

We might be able to support a well thought out improvement to the current dam, one that has been publicly vetted, is professionally engineered, has been reviewed by the required State and Federal agencies and has received all required permits.  That is not what we have here. This board feels it can remove the existing structure prior to receiving approvals to install a replacement.  There is a high potential that a replacement structure could see long delays while attempting to receive the required approvals, or it could be denied outright.  In fact, this year the District has placed their water right at risk; by not fully impounding the lake the past four seasons, all it takes is a few months delay and they will lose their water right forever.

From the highlight above you can see that this may be their intent all along, hence the phase “or continuance” in the quote from the March staff report.

How important is this meeting? We also know from past experience this board will likely take action at this meeting.  Action which could have dire consequences on summertime recreation on Devils Lake forever.

Please put this important meeting on your calendar.  We need you to attend and send a message to this board.  We have had as many as 140 at a meeting we need 280 or more.  Don’t leave spouses, family or friends behind.  Come fill the room and overflow into the hallway! Force a second public hearing and make them think twice. Buy us some time. I know we keep asking but we really need your help. Come one, Come all.

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