Residents Launch Neighborhood Association

A group of residents have formed a new Oregon 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA) will serve as a voice for the community, surrounding Devils Lake. The non-profit DLNA is open to all residents and businesses within its boundaries which are generally defined as all properties bounded by East and West Devils Lake Roads and Highway 101 on each end.  (See Area Map)

The Devils Lake Navigator has adopted the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association becoming its official home on the web.  We will use this website and our email list as our primary method of communicating with members of the community.  Public meetings of the Neighborhood Association will occur at the Faith Baptist Church, 5750 N Hwy 101; watch for upcoming meeting announcements. All homeowners, renters, and businesses in the area are encouraged to attend our meeting to learn more about the DLNA, register for regular updates, establish our agenda, and get involved. The initial Board of Directors was established in the non-profits formative meeting including Joe Barnes (President), Nathan Knott (Vice President), Mitchell Moore (Secretary / Treasurer), Tina French (Director) and Mark Christie (Director).

The primary purpose of the DLNA is to promote communication and education within the neighborhood relating to environmental, social and economic issues which may have an impact upon the life and character of the community. The DLNA will assist its members by providing reasoned input to the City Council, County Commission and associated committees, as well as Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID).  Residents will take more initiative in preserving the integrity and quality of the neighborhood as the DLNA plans, implements, and maintains projects in the Devils Lake neighborhood. The social aspects of the neighborhood will be addressed by organizing block parties, activities, festivals and special events. “The DLNA will strengthen our community by organizing and engaging residents and businesses to address community wide challenges and be better able to deal with new challenges as they arise” says DLNA President Joe Barnes.

The residents of the DLNA believe that local governments including special districts work best when community members and government work as partners. Effective public involvement is essential to achieve and sustain this partnership and the civic health of our community. This ensures better decisions that more effectively respond to the needs and priorities of the community.  The existence of a Neighborhood Association engages community members and community resources as part of the solution. Neighborhood Association’s are beneficial as they engage the broader diversity of the community, especially people who have not been engaged in the past. In the long term, increased citizen involvement will be beneficial to the decision makers as it increases public understanding of and support for public policies and programs while increasing the legitimacy and accountability of their actions.

The City of Lincoln City has recognized the benefits of citizen involvement in their Comprehensive Plan.  The plan states that “Lincoln City shall encourage a variety of citizen programs such as neighborhood associations and other committees to serve in the interest of the community.”  The Nelscott Neighborhood Association has been a vital part of local decision making since its creation.  The Devils Lake Neighborhood Association will join in that fine tradition.  The City and residents both benefit from increased participation as the effectiveness of government is only measured by the extent that the citizens participate.


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2 responses to “Residents Launch Neighborhood Association

  1. jack strayer

    DLNA Boarders – I would have enlarged the boarders to include about 100 yards beyond those outlined. that would include the people on the hills overlooking the lake and businesses like the golf course and the factory stores that may be sources for support and funding. — Jack Strayer

  2. Tim Duerfeldt

    Why not vote on lake issues?

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