Devils Lake Revivial

Including a Two-Ton Creature

The Devils Lake Revival took place Saturday August 4th from 10-2pm at Regatta Grounds. The event included: educational booths, a variety of kids activities, pontoon boat tours, stand up paddle board lessons/demos, kayak demos/tours, live music, food, veggie and seafood options available, prizes, including a kayak, in water rescue demonstration, and a beach safety presentation.

Also part of this year’s event was the unveiling of a two-ton, 13-foot-high sculpture of a lake creature. Sculptors Heidi Erickson and Doug Kroger spent more than two years crafting the towering metal sculpture. It is eighteen feet long, and made from more than 90 percent recycled metal and rubber retread material.  Take a moment and visit the creature, it’s quite a sight.

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