July DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board meeting was on Thursday July 12th at 6:00pm and was held in the City Hall Council Chambers located on the third floor of City Hall.

Public Comment: There were 15 interested parties in attendance. Several comments were made as a follow up to the past two Board meetings in particular the lake level public hearings. There were several corrections to the minutes suggested. One person came forward to express support on the lake level decision in that he felt it was a reasonable process, and further stated that his three parcels were not negatively impacted. The District was asked if they had made any specific plans to study the impact of the new lake level on erosion, Coho salmon runs, lake temperatures, blue green algae, and septic water tables during the summer season. A request was made for the District to develop a specific plan to actively determine the source of high e.Coli levels on Thompson Creek. A comment was made that the District should not donate toward the repairs on East Devils Lake Drive, that is solely the County’s responsibility. He also said he had been in contact with Jet Ski Associations that would like to have a race on the lake. He volunteered to organize the event but wanted the Board to discuss the possibility of this type of event on the lake.

Septic Tank Revitalization Program: It was reported that the District is putting together an inspection form, which they will propose be used by service providers while they are doing inspections. The City and the County have had some difficulty determining what criteria to include and what information the County would need in order to act on a potentially failing system. There were also concerns over jurisdiction on making a final determination on a failing system. The issue of jurisdiction is the latest road block to moving forward on a draft ordinance according to the City Manager. The was some discussion by the Board, where they found out what the District feels is a failing system is not necessarily considered failed by the DEQ. It was stated however that it was not the original intent to find failed systems but instead to raise awareness.

Save Our Shoreline: A pitch was made for citizens to participate in the SOS program, as this is the perfect time to begin planning a project. To date there have been no volunteers this season. The District made a presentation on rain gardens at the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Meeting. A discussion occurred related to the creation of a SOS video to be used to promote the program. It was also reported that the new intern Alyssa spent some of her time weeding the two rain garden demo projects.

Vegetation Management: The District has been working on a report drafted by Joe Eilers of Max Depth Aquatics their consultant assisting in their efforts to appeal the grass carp decision. There were few details provided as to the content of the report. In the June, meeting the Board authorized a $10,000 expenditure for a aquatic plant survey to support the grass carp appeal. It appears that the bid from PSU would require closer to a $15,000 expenditure. The first survey has been authorized and should begin next week. In addition, the Lake Manager felt that he District should purchase the scanning hardware and software for future use. The Board decided that it was premature to purchase the equipment at this time. They also discussed the economic impact study that was done for the original grass carp permit which was recently located. It was stated that it was dated but the Lake Manager felt staff could update it to make it current for today’s use. Finally a video was shown on a Diver Assisted Suction Harvester. It was presented as a supplement to a full sized weed harvester as it could only clean about 2% of the lake in a summer season. A lengthy discussion occurred about the device was not felt to be a good replacement for grass carp.

Sewer: Brian Green reported the cost estimate that the City came up with was very close to the engineers estimate. The big sticking point is the Cities insistence that septics hook up to the system. Normally 120 days is the required date a 15 year window was negotiated. Private financing is being pursued rather than using City financing. With this concession is a requirement that septics in the area be inspected every five years. A new letter will be sent to property owners to ask for their final approval.

Communications: There was a reminder provided that the Devils Lake Revival will take place Saturday August 4th from 10-2pm at Regatta Grounds. Activities include: educational booths, a variety of kids activities, pontoon boat tours, stand up paddle board lessons/demos, kayak demos/tours, live music, food, veggie and seafood options available, prizes, including a kayak, in water rescue demonstration, and a beach safety presentation.

MidCoastTMDL: The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has begun the planning process for developing a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for 303(d) listed waterbodies in the Oregon Mid-Coast Basin. The fourth meeting included an introduction to the sediment portion of the TMDL. Individuals were selected to be on the sediment Technical Working Group. In thesecond meeting of the Bacteria TWG there was a review of the modeling parameters and assumptions in the model were reviews with input from stakeholders.

Summer Intern: The new summer intern, Alyssa Clayton reported that during the last two weeks she has learned the methodologies used to collect and run samples in the laboratory, created a digital archive of the meeting minutes from 1984 – 1995 and began maintenance on the rain gardens. She indicated that currently she is finishing a digital archive of the remaining minutes, collecting samples every week and working with Seth on the Devils Lake Revival activities.

East Devils Lake Road: Periodic flooding of East Devils Lake Road has been an ongoing problem. Recently Lincoln County completed a feasibly and cost analysis for multiple fixes. Given the county’s resources for time and staff they have opted to contract with partial funding ($25,000) with the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council to convene a larger stakeholder group on this matter. Supplemental funding ($5,000) has been requested from the Devils Lake Water Improvement District, which was included in the most recently approved budget. Catherine Pruett of the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council spoke briefly on the topic and answered a few questions. The Board was asked to authorize expenditure of $5,000 to fund a Watershed Council Support Grant for the Stakeholder organization and funding explorations associated with a road repairs and fish passage for East Devils Lake Road. The Board approved the requested grant to facility the working group.

Public Comment Non-Agenda Items: The chair asked that the Board develop a plan to actively monitor the changes good and bad that might occur as a result of the lower lake level. He also suggested that it was formally decided to cease posting samples fromThompson Creek as it is not in the lake body. It was suggested in the meantime they could work with Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Counsel on the issue. A bit of discussion occurred on the topic and the Lake Manager suggested sampling for source should be delayed until after September. Kip Ward suggested that depth measurements be taken at each dock on the lake, the Lake Manager was directed to put a plan by August. The Chair asked for a goal setting session be scheduled for a Saturday this summer. The salary of the Project Manager to $39,700. A request was made by the Lake Manager to send staff and the Board to the Oregon Lakes Association meeting in September. The board approved one attendee at the meeting. Brian Green disagreed with comments made in the public comment period and said the quote provided was taken out of context.

The meeting adjourned at 8:54 PM.

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