Introducing Our Editorial Page

Since its inception, the Devils Lake Navigator’s primary goal has been to help create an increased sense of community and provide an open forum for discussion on issues related to Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon.  We have gone out of our way to present these issues in a balanced way in the hopes our readers could form their own opinions on important issues related to Devils Lake and the surrounding area. Recent events have compelled us to share our opinion on certain topics so we have added a feature to the Devils Lake Navigator, the Editorial Page.  On occasion, we will post an article stating our opinion and will clearly identify them as such. We have also added a page to the site where you can browse our editorial opinion over time.  We encourage you to share your opinion on the topic by adding comments to the article.  We promise to present all sides; no comment conforming to our rules for posting will be censored.  Hope you enjoy this new side of the Devils Lake Navigator.

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