Dam It or Delay It?

Delay of Erosion Study May Delay Dam Placement

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District signed a contract with Tetra Tech, Inc. for a shoreline erosion study. This contract was issued on December 29, 2010 for $28,840.  The District has received a second iteration of the erosion report and returned it with additional comments to Tetra Tech. The New Erosion Study is now available and its contents will be presented at this month’s meeting.  We encourage all to review the report.  It is not clear how this report will impact the operation of the dam this summer, however the excerpt below from this month’s staff report indicates that due to the late arrival of the report the dam placement would be delayed.  It also seems to suggest that lake level will be on the agenda in the May meeting.  Again, please review the report and come to your own conclusions.

“Staff believes that the contract can be ruled complete and thus full payment should be issued to Tetra Tech, Inc. Further, staff recommends to have staff, the Board, and encourage the public to take the time to make an even more detailed review of the document and the deliverables over the next month in preparation for an open discussion on the dam and lake level as it relates to the Erosion Study as well as to other components previously identified such as fish and wildlife, recreation, septic systems, Harmful Algal Blooms, vegetation, wetlands, shorelines, and water quality. When the District issued the Erosion Study RFP it did so with the pledge to consider and act on the results of the study. While it was the District’s intent to have had time earlier in the year to have this discussion, the timing of the receipt of the final deliverables has made that most appropriately held in May. Given this and given the fact that the District pulses the dam, releasing water for fish passage mitigation through the end of May, and given the District has demonstrated that the full water impoundment can be achieved even if waiting until late June, Staff would recommend waiting until after the May discussion to make a decision about the use of the dam this summer and thus the installation which typically would otherwise begin around April 15.”

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  1. jack strayer

    Tetra Tech could not determine if erosion was caused by lake level changes. There is no need to have a hearing on the report or lake level. One board member was heard to say – if the Tt report did not show that lake level was a cause for erosion, he would “man up” and establish the lake level at the allowed level of 9.53 ft msl. Now is the time for the board to “man up”, set the lake level at 9.53 ft msl, and put this issue behind them. If not – the board should be reminded of the 70 + irate lake users that crowded the board meeting when dropping lake level was to be discussed.

    Tt 3/8/2012 erosion report, p 42:
    “Because of the variability of the lake bottom topography in the near-shore region, the characteristics of both the armored and non-armored shoreline, and the variability in shoreline alignment with respect to the typical wave directions, more specific conclusions regarding the effects lake levels and
    waves on shoreline erosion cannot be made without a site-specific evaluation.”

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