Parties Silent On Water Talks

The News Guard

Neither side is saying much about an 11th-hour meeting between Lincoln City officials and members of the Roads End Water District, which took place
on Dec. 8.

The District requested the meeting on Nov. 28 as the City was on the cusp of sending out letters to Roads End property owners demanding that they consent to annexation in exchange for continued water supply.

City Manager David Hawker confirmed that he and Mayor Dick Anderson met with two members of the District’s board of directors, describing the talks as “cordial” but “uneventful.”

“I don’t really want to go any further than that because it was uneventful,” he said.

At Council’s Dec. 12 meeting, Anderson said the meeting lasted about 45 minutes.

“They wanted to talk water,” he said. “So, we talked water and suggested they put anything that we might be interested in in writing back to us, and I haven’t heard anything more from them.”

The District did not respond to a request for comment.

The City began sending out demand letters on Friday, Dec. 2.

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