City Puts The Squeeze on Roads End Residents

Residents Resist; City Ratchets Water Service

The residents of Roads End recently received a positive Initial Review of their application to drill six wells which will become the new source of water for the reformulated Roads End Water District (REWD).  Also this week Lincoln City Council passed a resolution to direct the city manager to send 60-day notices to Roads End area residents requiring signed agreements consenting to annexation in order to receive continued water service.

City Acts With Protests By Local Residents

Several Roads End residents spoke at the October 24th Lincoln City Council meeting before they considered Resolution 2011-31.  The Councilors were asked to consider the impact of their decision on elderly residents in the Roads End areas.  Others stated that the City was holding residents hostage rendering their property uninhabitable without water service.  After hearing from the public the Council passed the resolution unanimously.

Specifically the resolution states that “The city manager is directed to send 60-day notice to owners of property within the designated Roads End Area who have not yet provided the agreements required under Lincoln City Municipal Code §13.12 of the requirement to provide such agreements as a condition of water service to properties outside the City. The required agreements include agreeing in writing in forms provided by the City to consent to annexation of the owner’s property to the City and to agree to waive the time limit for that consent, with an acknowledgment of the City’s right to terminate service.”

The resolution continued, “Recognizing that providing such notice may be a time­consuming process, the City Council directs the city manager, as staff time and resources allow, to notify the person billed for water service, in a systematic manner, generally based on proximity to the City of the property receiving water service, and beginning with those persons who receive water service to properties that are located at the south end of the Roads End Area, then progressing north.”

Roads End Water District One Step Closer to Water Source

The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) released its Initial Review of Roads End Water Districts application requesting a water use permit for the appropriation of 0.89 cubic foot per second (CFS) of water from six wells in the Logan Creek Basin for year-round municipal uses. The OWRD determined that the request for no more than 0.15 CFS from each well, for year-round municipal uses is allowable.

Because of these favorable determinations, ORWD will now move the application to the next phase of the water-rights application review process, where public interest factors will be evaluated.  The review requested that the REWD submit documentation that demonstrates the proposed use complies with the local acknowledged comprehensive land-use plan, or that they are actively pursuing approval from the Lincoln County Planning Department. If the use complies with the plan or if they demonstrate they are pursuing approval, the Department will continue to process the application and issue a Proposed Final Order and a Final Order. However, before a permit will be issued the Department must receive documentation from the relevant planning jurisdiction that the proposed use is allowed.

The Initial Review outlines several other conditions that the Road End Water District will have to meet.  Representatives from REWD indicate they are working through the next steps of the application process.

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