Roads End Water District Seeks Water Rights

In an announcement released this week by Maud Krom, the President of the Roads End Water District stated that the District’s intention is to locate a  “secure & unthreatened water supply and discontinue service from Lincoln City.”  She further explained that this action was a direct response to the efforts of the City of Lincoln City to annex the area using the threat of water shutoff to obtain consent to annex agreements from area residents. The text of the announcement was as follows.


The Roads End Water district, in conjunction with The Roads End Improvement Association and The Roadsend Group LLC, is pleased to announce that the Roads End Water District has made application for water rights in the Roads End Community with the State of Oregon Water Resources Dept.

The end goal is to establish our own water system independent of any third party, that is a safe , secure & unthreatened water supply and discontinue service from Lincoln City.

The Water District board of directors have completed an extensive study into costs, system feasibility, and logistics and found it practical to pursue this solution to meet the needs of The Roads End Community.

We can no longer rely on Lincoln City to serve our needs in the future. The City has made it clear that they are willing to shut off water to our residents and stated publicly that their supply is limited. Lincoln City has placed those property owners who signed “consent” to annex forms in jeopardy. By signing the City form they signed away their right to uninterrupted water service, as the fine print in the consent forms essentially allow Lincoln City to unilaterally shut off water at any time for any reason–even after annexation and even if your bill is paid in full–without recourse. Lincoln City has essentially placed a moratorium on building on vacant lots or land. This renders those sites virtually unbuildable and of little value, thereby harming our community members.

Roads End Water District has not made a final decision on water source supply at this time. This will be an on going process with many obstacles to over come but the Roads End Water District feels it is within our ability and would be of great benefit to our community. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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