September DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its September board meeting in the District offices on Thursday, September 1st, 2011.  Seven interested parties attended the meeting. We were able to attend the meeting but obligations prevented attendance to the meetings completion; this report is a combination of observation and the manager’s report.

Public Comment: There were no public comments.

Vegetation Management:  There was a brief discussion on the details of the draft RFP for the outside consultant on the grass carp project.

Devils Lake Revival: The Devils Lake Revival occurred at Regatta Park on August 27th.  Details of the event were discussed.  During the event, DLWID staff was very visible, food, music, a regatta, boat trips on the lake, were all part of the event.  The drawing for the Kayak and other prizes captured a large number of emails to expand the Districts communication reach.  The Board was generally pleased with the results and decided to attempt the festival in 2012.

Save Our Shoreline: The District staff has developed a course on the Save our Shoreline program which will be offered, Saturday, September 17, from 10 am-noon at the District office.  The course will focus on showing the environmental, economic and social value of planting native vegetation around Devils Lake.  It will consist of a presentation and a hands-on section where attendees will design their own landscapes.

Intern Report: It was reported that District Intern Lisa Lynch has been working on water sampling and testing around the lake for E.coli testing, pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, clarity and turbidity testing.  She has also been working on newsletter templates for Fall, Winter and Spring and adding the District’s logo to the newsletter. Her work on the Devils Lake Revival planning included purchasing the kayak and paddle for the festival drawing. She worked on the Devils Lake invitation cards, created signup sheets for the festival, made educational crossword clues for a festival activity, and created a coloring activity.

Union 50: The DLWID Board has been exploring the possibility of buying the old Union 50 building for potential use for the offices of the District. DLWID Board member Brian Green provided an update.

Water Quality Reporting Thompson Creek: The District has dropped the specific emphasis on Thompson Creek for DNA testing which would attempt to identify a potential source of measured E.coli levels. In the August meeting a board member suggested that the Thompson Creek sampling site should move into the lake to be more representative of where users of the lake would be exposed to the threat. The sampling methodology was adjusted to take multiple samples in the area to gain more knowledge about how E.coli flows into the lake.  Five sampling points were set up and preliminary results indicate that the E.coli is quickly filtered by the mud flats in the canal and are reduced to safe levels within 100 feet of entering the canal.

Erosion Study:  It was reported that the District expects the results of this study to be available in time for the October or possibility the November Board meeting.

DLWID Regular Meeting Venue: The District has been granted approval to hold the Districts regular meetings at City Hall; this resulted in a decision to move to the new venue beginning with the October meeting.  This will not change the meeting times and may result in the District meetings appearing on cable channel 4 at some future date.

SDAO Training:  George Dunkel of Special Districts Association of Oregon conducted a 2 ½  hour training for the board and staff on August 18, 2011.  This was the second time he had provided such training to the District, the last time being in January 2010.  In attendance were board members, Ward,  Skirvin, Weldon and Green.  Staff members attending were Lenaerts and Robertson attended. Key points of the training included the use of email, ethics law, and potential conflicts of interest.

NALMS:  The Board was askeds toapprove Paul Robertson’s attendance at the North American Lake Management Society’s annual conference in Spokane, Washington in October.

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