City Takes Next Annexation Step

Lincoln City officials have taken another step toward the eventual annexation of the Roads End area.  Over the past several months the City as been collecting consent to annex contracts from local residents as a requirement to continued water service.  Faced with the specter of an uninhabitable house enough signatures have been obtained for the City to claim a majority of homeowners and assessed value.  After removing several large undeveloped parcels from the area consider for annexation, the City was also able to claim a majority of land area satisfying the triple majority rule.

City Manager, David Hawker sent a letter to Roads End residents announcing the City’s intention to move forward with annexation and describes the changes that residents might expect.  He indicated that water service will now be consider permanent.  He explained that their streets will be placed in the transportation plan and made it clear that residents should not anticipate gravel roads to be paved as a result of annexation.  Water and sewer rates will be cut in half.  All homes in the Road End area will not be included in the City’s property tax base.  Additionally the City’s 5% franchise fee will be added to all utilities not provided by the City. Vacation Rentals will be required to comply with the City’s VRD rules and pay a 9.5% room tax.  The City also circulated a survey to ask for Roads End residents input.

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