December DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its December board meeting in the District offices on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010.  The meeting was attended by approximately five interested parties.

Public Comment: Public comments included a request to have the lake dredged in front of the union 50 club for boat use, boat mooring and swimming.

Erosion Study RFP: The District received responses to the erosion study RFP on August 25th, 2010.  Dr. Toni Pennington of Tetra Tech conveyed more details of their proposal during the November board meeting and the board responded with requests for several alterations to the bid.  Dr Pennington has subsequently responded by elaborating on the specifics of aerial photographs available for use in the study.  The erosion study was designed primarily to determine if and how the lake level affects erosion on properties surrounding Devils Lake. The board discussed the updated proposal by Tetra Tech and approved by a vote of 4 to 1 the Proposal for the Devils Lake Shoreline Erosion Study by Tetra-tech for $28,840.

Lake Level: Staff reported that in November there were no further incidents of blockage on the D River due to sand deposition and that the lake has receded sharply. Currently the lake level is 9.8’.

Save our Shorelines: This is a program to assist landowners in increasing the native vegetation on their shoreline as well as other best management practices for living on the water. Staff provided an update on continuing efforts to create two high profile demonstration sites at Regatta Ground City Park and East Devils Lake State Park. Given the public ownership and use of the property it may take considerably more time to accomplish this but staff felt the end result will be worth the effort.

Devils Lake Plan: A new version of the Devils Lake Plan was forwarded to the board, which was revised based on their feedback over the past month.  The Lake Manager suggested that the board should approve the release of the document as a draft to the public following the December meeting. If approved, the District can proceed with the timeline contained within the plan offering a series of public input opportunities, with the goal of formal adoption in February.   The board did not approve the Devils Lake Plan.  There were several outstanding issues with the executive summary which will be revised for the boards review before the next meeting.  Current thinking is that the board will release the plan after the next meeting, but no commitment was specifically made to do so.

Communications Report: The District has developed plans to take several steps forward in enhancing communication between itself and lake stakeholders.   Many of these were discussed during the November board meeting.  Staff has researched a variety of tools that may be used to enhanced communications and continues to look and implement what makes sense for the District.

Union 50 Club: There was much discussion of the Union 50 Club and the potential for acquisition by the District.  It was suggested that an analysis of the value of the property should be performed to determine an appropriate market value. It was also suggested that boat access and dock access would be critical to the development of the property which requires dredging.

Sewer LID: Brian Green reported that he had 32 and likely 35 signatures [70%] for the proposed LID for sewers north of Regatta Park.  The next step is to submit the signed letters to the city.  In order to move forward the city must wave the road width, curbs, sidewalks, and drainage requirements for the 2″ liquid effluent lines prior to approval.

Thompson Creek Ecoli: The Thompson Creek DNA samples are in the DLWID refrigerator.  The District is waiting for the OK from OSU to bring them in for analysis.  It is unclear when that will occur.

D-River Dredging: The board had decided to remove the logs on 1st street Bridge in the spring once the ocean is done moving sand and logs.

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