2010 Hydroplane Race Gets A Rockey Start

Rain and Wind Call Day One of Annual Event

Members of the Columbia Outboard Racing Association made their first attempt to set world record times in the 2010 Rockey Stone Memorial Kilos Saturday, October 9th.  The race course was set up in a straight line from East Devils Lake State Park to Sand Point; a total length of one “Kilo” or kilometer (5/8 mile).  Day one brought wind and rains that plagued their attempts to set new world records.  The Hopp Racing Team didn’t let the bad weather stand in their way with a record setting run of 165 mph.  Take a look at the video to see the action. The weather caused event officials to call the race for the rest of the day.

In a Kilo event each driver competes against the clock, and gets six runs, three in each direction.  The final speed is the average of two consecutive runs in opposite directions. The driver can take all of his runs at one time or delay the balance after one run waiting for better conditions. The Rockey Stone Memorial Kilos began in the 1950’s and have run annually as an American Power Boat Association sanctioned event. All involved are hoping for better weather for day two.  Please take a look at our photo gallery of the event.

Day two did bring better weather but the race field was reduced to three participants.  The race crews tried to extract every ounce of speed our of their machines.  With such a narrow field this made the wait between runs quite long.  The pay off was a couple of really great runs.  For race results check in with the Columbia Outboard Racing Association. To witness two of the second day’s runs follow these links the 153 mph run and 155 mph run.

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