Lake Level Update

Gradual Drop Planned for September

This is the first year that the DLWID has defined a method to comply with the requirements of their water impoundment permit that will result in the lake level dropping by approximately .40” from August 1st through October 1st.  This month’s DLWID Manager report provides a description of what to expect.

Except from DLWID Manager Report (09-10-2010)

The lake has been manually dropped in the month of August by the Lake Contractor and will continue to be dropped through the month of September. This is being done in an effort to comply with the conditions of our permit that state that inflow and outflow must be equal during this time of the year. Effectively no additional water can be impounded in August and September, and in fact a slight decline in the lake height needs to be afforded to account for evaporation. This decline is on the order of 2/3” a week in August and a ½” a week in September.

Boards have been removed in an attempt to mimic this changing lake level. This is certainly an imprecise method, but the lake does respond over time with the removal of additional boards. I have included a graph of the actual height of the water and what should theoretically be the height of the water based on the evaporation calculations. On October1st, the lake level can again be increased, hence the last point on the theoretic line jumps back to the maximum height allowed under our permit of 9.53’.

As to the question regarding why the inflow/outflow provision exists on our permit in the first place, and how we might further an appeal should we so choose, I have repeatedly contacted Water Resources via email, and have yet to hear back. The most recent email was Monday August 23, 2010. Should I receive a reply I will immediately pass it on to the board.

As reported last meeting the staff gages at the D River and the State Park do not accurately represent the height of the lake, and are set too high by 0.20 and 0.22’ respectively. The District ordered and just recently received two pair of Staff plates for installation. The Lake Contractor has been contacted to arrange an installation, possibly as early as next week. Data in the graph above have been corrected and do represent the actual height of the lake.

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