August DLWID Board Meeting Report

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District held its August board meeting in the District offices on Thursday, August 5th, 2010.  The meeting was attended by approximately 10 interested parties.

Hot Topics.

Executive Session of the Board: The Board of Directors held an Executive Session preceding their regularly scheduled meeting.

Lake Level Update: The Board discussed the current lake level as measured at the dam structure, being 8.03’ + 18” or 1.5’ equaling 9.53’ above MSL.  The discussion continued related to the staff gauges which currently read 9’ 3” or about 3” lower than the read at the dam.  It was reported that Greg Beaman and both from the Oregon Water Resources Department surveyed both staff gages the day previous, and they verified the readings for the dam’s base 8.03’ and top 9.53’.

Native Vegetation: It was reported that there has been strong interest in the Shoreline Planting Guide recently published by the District. Lakefront property owners interested in the guide are best to download the PDF version from the above link.  The board approved the printing of 100 copies primarily for contractors, nurseries, and government agencies that have all expressed interest in the guide. If downloading the guide presents a hardship please contact the District.

Save our Shoreline: The Save Our Shoreline campaign is currently recruiting property owners for projects to be planted this fall.  It was recently discovered from the Department of State Lands (DSL) that homeowners can apply for a free general authorization permit from DSL to plant aquatic vegetation to prevent erosion.  It was decided to incorporate this streamlined permitting process into the SOS program as soon as possible.  Some preliminary research has been done related to the use of special signage easily identifying properties involved in the SOS program.

Devils Lake Plan: A draft update to the Devils Lake Plan was presented to the board for their initial reaction and comment.  The board discussed their review of the draft and provided staff guidance on the document.  Look for more on this document in upcoming meetings.

Many More Topics: Several other items were discussed including reports by the Lake Manager on many important topics.

The Septic Tank Revitalization Program has stalled in City Hall with the initial draft of the ordinance not yet begun.  Mr. Hawker, Lincoln City Manager is concerned about other priorities and is considering putting the draft ordinance off for a few months.  Some of these other priorities include; the possible passage of an ordinance that would require property owners in the Urban Growth Boundary to sign a “consent to annex” agreement, (look for an article on this in the Navigator soon), staffing issues in the City and in the County, and last but not least, the City continues to have concerns about including the entire watershed, as opposed to properties that simply border the lake and tributaries.  The DLWID board discussed the City’s concerns and determined that there was no need to change the District’s position on the matter at this time.

The District has begun to implement elements of the draft Communications Plan.  Many of these elements were reviewed during the meeting.  The plans main goal is to coordinate communications from the District to residents about the projects that are planned or currently underway.  A mini work session was held during the meeting to put the final details in place for new signage to be used in this year’s cyano-watch program.  The new signs are meant to provide a clearer understanding of the different stages of the Cyanobacteria cycle.

The District is embarking on its first bacterial source tracking program to determine through DNA testing what types of animals may be contributing to the Ecoli entering the lake from Thompson Creek. The sampling for Thompson Creek Ecoli DNA will cost over $5,000 and the District may need an increase to the monitoring budget.  The board plans to increase it when needed.

It was reported that a small group of home owners near Regatta Park have been working for the past several months to determine if sewers can be brought to their property.  Brian Green presented a letter to the City outlining the costs and services that are offered prior to the formation of a Local Improvement District (LID).  If more than 50% of the home owners are interested in the LID and the City endorses the letter, the process of constructing new sewer connections to this small area could begin.  The proposed LID is just north of Regatta Park.

The District has released an RFP for an erosion study to determine if and how the lake level impacts erosion on properties surrounding Devils Lake. The full RFP is available on their website. Submittals are due August 25th 2010; there have been a few inquires to date.

There were several financial issues on the meeting’s agenda including expanding the current staff, printing costs reimbursement for board members, the purchase of a dissolved oxygen probe, and staff attendance at the Oregon Lake Association Annual Conference. The board made a motion to hire Seth Lenaerts who’s current internship has ended for an addition 10 ½ month as a Project Manager.  The balance of the financial proposals were approved

During the non-agenda items segment, Jack Strayer raise the question about the District’s policy on ocean log removal from the D-river which would allow non-motorized boat access to the canal on 1st Street.  This issue was brought to the District in recent weeks by a concerned citizen.  The board did not agree what to do and hoped that some other agency might be able to address it.

There being no other business before the board the meeting adjourned at approximately 10:00 pm.

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