Alert: Lake Level May Be Lowered Again

Based on the recent actions of the  Devils Lake Water Improvement District at their May board meeting we received an email from concerned lakefront resident Mark Christie.  As outlined in the message you should note that the DLWID has determined that lake level should be re-visited in June.  We feel that the couple of proponents of lowering the lake have already won two concessions from residents who do not feel the lake should be lowered. Concession number one, the lake level was lowered for the 2009 summer season and the majority felt it to be a workable level.  Concession number two, in March 2010 residents were asked to defer the placement of the dam until June 1st; residents accepted the lower levels associated this this request.  Now we are being asked to live with these lower levels all summer.  The original request when this began was for the dam to be set to 8′-6″, is that the next request? We concur with Mark that residents should attend the June meeting and let your voice be heard.

Text of email from Mr. Christie sent 5/13/2010

URGENT ALERT !!!!! Lower Lake Level Likely – You Need To Act Now
I want to give you all a heads up! I am very concerned about the possibility of a lake level adjustment downward (as much as a  5.3” lower starting level than originally approved in March) that could be made at the June 3rd meeting of the DLWID Board. There was great discussion at the March board meeting around lake level and contracting with a new lake contractor (Bill Sexton) for installation of the dam boards and monitoring for the summer.
The Board took action at the March 4th 2010 DLWID meeting to set the lake level at a range between 9.3 feet and 9.53 feet between April 15th and June 1st  and at 9.53 for the balance of the summer season ending October 15th. The lake level last season was established by the Board to be at 9.53 feet after lengthy discussion at the May 7th 2009 Board meeting.  Based on 30 water depth measurements taken near the mooring slips of docks along the Eastern shore of the lake by Board members David Skirvin and Randy Weldon; they have concluded their research indicates that the concerns of unusable properties due to lower water levels were unfounded. Based on this conclusion the Board is considering lowering the 9.53 level to9.0 feet as a starting point for the season.
Just when you thought the lake level issue was put to bed for the season (March 3, 2010 meeting) the DLWID Board changes their minds and plans on re-visiting this important issue at their June 3rd meeting at 6 pm.: Physical Address: 820 SE Hwy 101, Suite D, Lincoln City, OR 97367.
I encourage you to come June 3rd and share your thought and concerns. In addition, I encourage you to send your communication to the Board:
Additional information about lake level and the current 2010 Budget proposal is available Hope to see you June 3rd.
Mark R. Christie

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