No Solarbees Goes Mobile 2


We have recently added the capability of authoring a post on the go. With new software for an Android mobile phone we can update you on the fly. This is a great improvement over the previous mobile posting technique. The image in the post was taken on Loop Drive of a Advanced Treatment System. This ATS was installed in Neotsu last week to replace an undersized septic associated with a remodel.


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3 responses to “No Solarbees Goes Mobile 2

  1. S Miles Schlesinger

    what do these mean…has the website been taken over???sms

    • nosolarbees

      Not to worry nosolarbees is still in control. This is really a great new tool. I was able to take this picture with my phone an share it with you. We will also be able to post updates right when it happens. Pretty cool.

  2. S Miles Schlesinger

    what is happening

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