Rockey Stone Memorial Kilos Results

The 2009 Rockey Stone Memorial Kilos were run October 10-11th on Devils Lake.  Each year members of the Columbia Outboard Racing Association descend on Lincoln City for two days of speed with the intention of setting new national records. 

2009-Kilo-Colage This year spectators saw a spectacular sight when Duff Dailey crashed and walked away from his K boat.  Follow this link to view the complete set of 2009 Kilos  photos by Denise Johnson.

This year eight National speed records were set along with six regional records. The top record of the weekend went to Sean McKean in his 700cc; that run included a pass at 132.9 mph. Sean exceeded the existing record by nine mph.

These are OFFICIAL results:

National records:

  • JR – Carter Olson 40.015
  • JH – Colin Smith 43.702
  • AXSR – Aaron “Fish” Salmon 51.798
  • 175cc Hydro – Bob Wartinger 74.354
  • 700cc Hydro – Sean McKean 130.563
  • 1100cc Hydro – Sean McKean 126.382
  • Comp Jet – Mark Moyle 94.971
  • Super Stock – Dave Villwock 129.110

 Region Records:

  • AXSR – Sheri Hathaway 49.269
  • KPRO – Ashley Rucker 53.519
  • 20ss – Anne Thurman 61.427
  • OSY – John Peeters 70.439
  • DSH – Tom Smith 79.384
  • 45ss – John Peeters 80.475

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