Water Board Asked To Abandon SolarBees® Project

A letter was sent today to the Devils Lake Water Improvement District requesting the Board abandon the SolarBees® Project.  The letter addressed the unpublished agenda for the upcoming June 4th, 2009 meeting.  We are asking the Board to vote against placing SolarBees® on Devils Lake.  Please attend this very important meeting to ensure the Board hears loud and clear our opinions.  I know it is a difficult to make a Thursday night 6:00pm meeting if you have to travel to Lincoln City. It is our sincere hope that an overflow crowd will have a good chance to end this now.

The letter explains that many citizens would like the opportunity to express their concerns directly to the Devils Lake Water Improvement District Board of Directors and makes two requests.

  1. Given the likelihood that the meeting will be attended by more members of the public than the DLWID office can accommodate we request plans be made for a larger venue.  It has been suggested that the Lincoln City Council Chamber at 801 SW Highway 101 could be a viable alternative.

  2. We request the SolarBees® Project to be on the agenda for a board decision by resolution, on whether to proceed with the placement of SolarBees® on Devils Lake.

Click here to read the entire letter.

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