Call To Action – Write The DEQ

The Devil’s Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID) continues to pursue the placement of 20 SolarBees on Devil’s Lake despite the protests of those present at last night’s board meeting.  DLWID has made several applications attempting to fund this project.  Two of the applications are for grants, one with the EPA and one with NOAA, neither of these appear to have a public comment period.

The third application which may be the most likely to be approved is through the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  This application was for $762,000 under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program.  The State’s process contains an internal review followed by publication in the Proposed Intended Use Plan (IUP) at which point, a 30 day public comment period opens.  The plan was published today which means the comment period will run until June 8th.  Each project is ranked and the DLWID project was ranked 9 which according to DEQ, if project is able to satisfy all State Revolving Fund requirements, there would be a strong likelihood of funding.

Who To Write:

It is time to comment.  It is easy.  Written comments may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to

Email:    Rick Watters of DEQ at or

Mail:      Oregon DEQ, Water Quality Division

Kim Carlson

811 SW Sixth Ave.

Portland, OR 97204-1390

Fax:        (503) 229-6037

What To Write:

Research this application has much as you want but at a minimum ask them to refuse funding, and let them know three things

  1. You knew nothing or little of the project,
  2. You do not support the project,
  3.  You do not feel there is large enough problem to justify the project.

These three items are major misrepresentations in DLWID’s application.


DLWID DEQ Application

Proposed Intended Use Plan Update #3

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program Checklist


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6 responses to “Call To Action – Write The DEQ

  1. Steve Brown

    As a homeowner on the lake I think this is a terrible idea with no thought of the safety of people who use the lake not to mention the messing with the natural beauty of the lake….. NO SOLAR BEE’S

  2. S Miles Schlesinger

    While I am a great proponant of Green Energy and an Earthadvantage/Energy builder developer in the Metro area I am also a homeowner on Devils Lake at Lincoln City…There are many better projects that would yield more important uses of cash. I think any funding of $1,000,000 +- would be very foolish considering the limited amounts of bloom during a calendar year.

  3. Jon Stanley lakefront homeowner

    Let me get this straight… DLWID wants
    $1 million to fund a project that has a questionable success rate at best, to prevent a probem that has not become a problem (where are the lake closures and illnesses?), to destroy a destination lake’s recreational activity,(wait until Dad, pulling inner tubers, wraps his 12 year-old daughter and her friends around a Bee while not paying attention as he’s avoiding 20 other boats), that might control an issue which only appears for a few short weeks during the year? Is this the best our collective minds can do? Is the the best use of tax dollars in this climate? Solar Bees might be a choice. But at this time, in this particular situation, at this particular lake, they are the wrong choice.

  4. Jerry Bottemiller

    $1 Million to fund at best, an extremely quetionable process for Devils Lakes situation? Not only will these Solar Bees be an eye sore to the people who own homes on the lake or the people who have a view of the lake but they will be a major navigational hazard fot those who boat on the lake. Our elected officials, (both DLWID and State Officials) need to look at where our tax payer money could be better spent. Maybe the school district? These Solar Bees would be a very poor choice of spending valuable dollars and a poor choice by the DLWID.

  5. Randy

    Hey I have an idea, lets do something to solve the real problem with the water quality of the lake. Why don’t we require all land owners in the district with septic systems to have yearly inspections, and take punitive action against those that are the real cause of the poor water quality.

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