Initial Poll

Quite a crowd turned out at the April DLWID board meeting upset about a pending decision on the summer lake level.  Most were upset because they new nothing about their review and proposed change.  Until recently, the only visibility related to the SolarBee project was buried in the meeting minutes.

We’d like to know what you know about the DLWID SolarBee project.  Take a moment an participate in our first couple of polls.  Feel free to elaborate by leaving a comment. The results of all polls taken on this site will be posted on the Polls page.  Thanks for your help.


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3 responses to “Initial Poll

  1. Gil Scott

    Safety issue; We see a lot of tubing in our area. The small children may not have the skill level to avoid the units in case of emergency.

  2. I am just not sure this is the solution. It seems extremely expensive; when no one can guarantee it will work. I want the lake to be clean, not only for the public’s use; but also to maintain property values on the lake.

    However, this sounds like a very expensive experiment to me. As lakefront owners, we pay “extra” taxes to fund the Devil’s Lake Water District. I am concerned our taxes will go up dramatically in order to pay for installation and ongoing maintenance of this endeavor.

    I would like to see other alternatives discussed publicly so we all could have a part in the decision-making process.

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