Our Relationship With the SolarBees® Manufacturer and Their Competitors

We have no affiliation with the SolarBees® manufacturer but we will soon contact Joel Bleth President to explain in person what we are about and what we are not about. I also wish the company to have a direct line of communication to nosolarbees.com, because that is what we are all about is open communication. I will extend an invitation to the company to post comments on the blog if they feel it will add to our understanding. We will withhold the right to directly author posts to our site, but will consider any information the company provides as a potential post. The company can use comments on existing posts and their blog at www.solarbeesworkgreat.com to post any new information it feels relevant. We hereby, declare our recognition that of SolarBees® is a registered trademark of SolarBee, Inc of Dickinson, ND and will endeavor to indicate its status in our posts. For the unintentional reference that does not contain the ® mark and for all references in comments or quotation from media sources that are not so mark we apply this blanket reconciliation of SolarBee, Inc’s right to the mark.

We are not associated with nor have we every made contact with a lake contractor involved in the business of chemical application, weed removal, or test and measurement of water quality. Devil’s Lake has no recent history of chemical treatment, therefore this debate should be free from the outside influences that have been suggested in other areas. We are not associated with nor have we every made contact with any limnologist.

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