Board Meeting – June 5, 2008

Board Meeting  – June 5, 2008

Agenda: Native Re-Vegetation, Bacteria Signage Devils Lake Plan.
Visitors: Raylene Erickson PADL Recording Secretary, Randy Weldon
Minutes: Mentions in Devils Lake Plan discussion that our lake is not a high priority for several years
Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

Agency Contacts

He listed contacts he has sent letters to seeking input and participation.

Septic tank revitalization. Part of the plan would be to provide for a septic tank program with inspections to identify failed systems and potentially obtain support to revitalize them with a revolving, low-income DEQ grant that individuals could apply for. He stated that about 30 to 50 percent of homes on the lake still have septic tanks. Discussion continued regarding the method of obtaining permission for inspections and other issues. Septic Tank Revitalization should remain in the plan, it was determined; however, the entity under whose auspices the monitoring and  administering would be is an issue.

Total Maximum Daily Load Process.

In speaking with the DEQ, Robertson confirmed that Devils Lake is not on their immediate priority list; however, it could be in two or three years. They are currently involved in other coastal lakes. In order for the process to be easy, Robertson recommended following existing protocol. The plan would identify sources of nutrients and then create a management plan to reduce them. Model what was done previously, and then attempt to improve the process. This might include modeling software, finding septic tanks and basically analyzing the lake.

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