Board Meeting – May 1, 2008

Board Meeting  – May 1, 2008

Agenda: Devils Lake Plan, Budget

Visitors : Bill Sexton, Raylene Erickson PADL Recording Secretary, Tom Moore

Budget Committee: Mitchell Moore, Doug Pirie

Minutes: Budget committee discussion a couple of brief comments on SolarBees.

Links: Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes

For excerpts from the Minutes select

Discussion began on the cost of the original investment of fish compared to the cost of Solar Bees. Strayer replied that the original fish cost was approximately $150,000 at $5 per fish. Fish would still be less expensive than other methods of control at $20 each. Aschenbrenner stated that it would not be illegal to submit a request to restock the lake with fish. The District’s goal is to stabilize the lake. Robertson stated that they could petition the ODF&W and indicate that they are working on different projects, but that since the weeds need to be kept in check while other experiments are in progress, would they permit adding 1,000 carp on a temporary fix.

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