Board Meeting – February 7, 2008

Board Meeting – February 7, 2008


Agenda:          Native Re-Vegetation, SolarBees


Visitors:          Raylene Erickson, Doug Pirie, Don Sell, Chester Noreikis, Jeff Hillyard, Paul Mistretta, Roger and Pat Robertson


Minutes:         There was a discussion of the rejection of the application to place more carp in the lake.  The rejection was because the lake was in a 100-year floodplain, lack of engineered plan to contain the fish, and the fact that it’s a public lake.  Mentions trying to get a study of SolarBees moved to Devils Lake.  Also internet contact Pigeon Lake,  Alberta who were considering SolarBees.


Links:             Complete Agenda, Complete Minutes


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Grass Carp Application

The rejection of the District’s application arrived by mail from ODFW. Three criteria were listed: the 100 year floodplain; the lack of an engineering design (with an approval stamp) of a system for containing the fish and the fact that Devil’s Lake is not considered to be a private lake. The idea of the application was to apply with the knowledge that there would be a denial, but the process would be set in place for an appeal. The first two criteria relate to ODFW regulations; but the third would require a change of state law. If the carp are placed in a lake that is on public land and they can be controlled, it might be approved. Basically, the District does not qualify. Strayer stated that a vegetation management plan is needed for the future to work on changing the outlook. Winchester asked if this is something that might be addressed in the upcoming workshop. Strayer said the Board might need to contact legislators from this area and convince them.



The Oregon Lake Association has been approached by a consultant and an OSU professor to participate in a grant application to place SolarBees on Klamath Lake. The Association is divided on their potential involvement in the project. They do not wish to be involved because they do not have a staff person to perform the paperwork. Robertson suggested to the group that if the project could be moved to Devils Lake, the Board would probably be interested in participating, and might, be interested anyway. Robertson said that a great deal of knowledge could be obtained from the project regarding Oregon lakes. Robertson asked Board members if they felt it would be worth his while to coordinate a joint study of a project located in another lake that would probably involve five plus hours per month. It might be of interest from a watershed approach. Oregon Lake Association’s role would be to act as the fiduciary agent. The professor from Oregon State University, along with a lobbyist, is going after these Federal funds to study renewable energy related to the DOE grant in March. The Bureau of Reclamation is not involved in it. Strayer said that it sounds like a good idea; however, the District would prefer that it be in Devils Lake. Winchester asked how soon they would need a response. Robertson said he did not believe they were interested in Devils Lake. Aschenbrenner said that Robertson should let them know that the Board might be interested in providing grant administrative assistance, but would definitely prefer to move the study to Devils Lake. Strayer agreed that he would like to see Robertson contact them and get as involved as he felt feasible, but suggested that Robertson not commit his time to Klamath Falls—the District would like to see some benefit from the project. Robertson said the SolarBees would either work in Klamath Lake or they would not. Aschenbrenner advised Robertson to keep the Board apprised of the progress and let them know if they need to make a decision before the next meeting.


Pigeon Lake, Alberta

Robertson made a web contact in Alberta where they are also considering installing SolarBees to handle internal loading of nutrients. Joseph Eilers said that Ashland has purchased two SolarBees for their reservoir with cyanobacteria problems.

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